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Optimize Your Home page with 9 Proven Tactics for better conversion

Landing Page is ‘a dedicated webpage” which explicate your brand, your story, your information and your product. So it is considered as first impression for visitors. Visitors may typically arrive at Landing page from different ad campaign like PPC, Social media campaign, display ad campaign or an email marketing campaign. And due to this to make most of those campaign brands optimize their landing page with enticed product and service offer for better engagement and enhance brand perception.

Since Landing page is the bridge which fills the gap between the audience and your conversion objective whether it is sign up, lead form or purchases, hence your landing page should contain all essential elements to gain audience affiance ..

In this article we are going some of the noteworthy Landing Page elements which can enhance your landing page conversion rate to a great extent.

1) Mention the Strongest Benefits

By mentioning the strongest benefits of your product or service can easily capture your visitor’s attention and create a better impression . As per our experience the first benefits of your service or product has much more impact than the following mentioned benefits dur to cognitive attention of the visitor.

Here they have mentioned their Headline with the major benefits the visitor is going to get and also mentioned three other strong benefits within one line with a clear “Call to Action” button. This allows the visitor to learn and get information about the brand without browsing more through out the Landing page.

2) Always answer the 4W’s What, who, why and when – in your homepage

Most of the visitors are “Information biased”. They always seek Information regarding your service or product. Hence to optimize your conversion demand your homepage must have clear cut information for your targeted visitor so that they can take requisite action on your homepage. On simple language Your landing page must

contain the information like “ Who you are”, “what your product and service is all about”, “why your product and service is relevant/useful for your audience” and “when your audience/customer will get the result”


3) Try to optimize your “Call to Action Button”

Your call to action button is very crucial through your conversion process as it is the Final or desired step which you want your visitor to click on. So Instead of creating traditional Call to Action button try to optimize it a little bit. Keep in mind that Your call to action button must display the Benefits or the purpose of the landing page which can reinforce the visitor to perform the immediate action.

Here in “Social Sprout” they emphasis on strong and appealing Call to action which reduces anxiety ( no credit card ) and hassle free ( No software need to be installed )

4) Multiple Call to Action

To enhance the familiarity and reduce the attention bias of the visitor always mention your desired “Call to action” button multiple times through out the Landing page instead of a direct link. Not only it will induce the likelihood of people noticing it more but also it will increase the chance of a visitor to take any desirable action.

5) Optimize your Landing Page mobile friendly

Mobile traffic are increasing from day to day basis and according to Statista almost 56% traffic from USA are from Mobile. So a mobile-friendly website is essential to ensure that you don’t miss out on customers using mobile devices. A website that is mobile responsive will not only be more aesthetically pleasing but will be easier to use and will therefore make for a much better user experience. 

6) Encourage your customers with relevant Image/ visualization

Try to create an attentional bias in which your visitor may pay more attention to your product or service. So a combination of perfect visualization/ Image with text alongside can make your audience remember of your product and service for a long time. 

In this Page the brand has focused more on “Picture Superiority Effect” where multiple images with enlarge options are available where visitors can check multiple product visualizations at his/her choices. The other benefits will be that the visitor will have clear visualization clarity regarding the brand’s product or services.

7) Personalization of Your Landing Page- 

In an increasingly competitive market, customers expect more than a universal website experience can offer. Buyers today are better informed, making them more selective and quicker to click away if something doesn’t speak to them. The solution comes in the form of web personalization. Web personalization is a mission-critical marketing activity that creates a meaningful experience for your customers and also generates better business results. This means understanding and meeting your buyers’ interests, tailoring your website to fit their profile, and ultimately providing the best message, content, or offer—one that is specifically relevant to them. When you identify, segment, and target visitors with personalized messaging, you unlock boundless potential. Big brands like Amazon, Cocacola incentivize their customers by personalizing their Landing page. By utilizing the details of your customer you can optimize your landing page matching to the interest of your customer behavior which can trigger “Social cognition” in which more and more people will be associated positively with your brand. 

The brand used user data like their browser histories as well as their search preferences and provided a full scale personalization experience like Similar items the visitors may prefer, or the product bought by their previous customer in a bundle. This allows the brand to upsell or cross sell more products and lift average order value accordingly. 

8) Use customer Testimonial 

When a person is in a situation where they are unsure of the correct way to behave, they will often look to others for cues concerning the correct behavior and this is called “Social Proof”. Customer testimonials as a social proof add credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness. Showing potential customers the positive feedback from others who have already purchased a product, used a service or signed up for membership etc help visitors to feel that their choices are validated by others who have also done the same thing

“Elegant theme” an premium WordPress theme builder `have designed their page with appropriate design and testimonial with clear Call-to-Action button. Always add an appropriate Call-To-Action button below the fold of your testimonial to enhance your click through rate. Keep in mind that a long customer testimonial which overshadows the call-to-action button may work against your conversion objective.

9) Use “Exit-Surveys” to get feedback from your potential customer

Finding out why your customer leave your website can help you optimize the conversion rate. There may be many reason of Funnel drop off and surprisingly a quick poll/ exit survey can help you to gain the insight of the path hole between your website and your audience.


You can create various of surveys matching to your audience interest and webpage the audience visited. Like


– what is the reason that the visitor has visited your website 

–  Why are visitors leaving  the website without any action like buying/signing up ?

–  Did your visitors find what you’re looking for?


–  Would you recommend this website to friends/family?

Or You can ask your customer to rate their experience on the scale of 1-10


Caution- Don’t use a full screen survey and try to stick to minimal copy. And don’t try to show survey to every abandoned visitor. 

Key Takeways

Though “ a perfect landing page” does not exist , there is always scope to optimize your landing page for better conversion rate. So always track and analyze your website and optimize your page in accordance to your audience.

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