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From design to deliverability, raise the bar across all email you send with Marketing Campaigns.

Maximize deliverability rates with our industry-leading 96% average inboxing rate.

How Cosmetic Retail NYKAA hit 50% Open Rate

A cosmetic brand NYKAA segmented its email leads and optimize its email marketing campaign with a personalized strategy

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Email Automation

Create personalized experiences, tell stories, and invite conversations in a way that’s scalable and relevant.

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Email Testing

Send Personalized email campaign and increase email engagement with various tested email parameters.

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Email Deliverability

Have an expert review, analyze, and diagnose your email program and make recommendations and hit straight into your customer's INBOX

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Exclusive solution for ecommerce businesses

As your Email Marketing Partner We will take care of your send purchase followups to increase sales, trigger abandoned cart messages for unfinished purchases, and inform customers about your store’s promotional discounts.

Subscriber management
Manage your subscribers based on their engagement and deliverability and engage with them in a right way
Email Workflows
We set your own triggers and action elements, and perform a wide range of actions from sending onboarding emails to pushing the most-engaged contacts to CRM.
Real-time analytics
Keep track of campaign performance with intuitive reports that show how many clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and shares that your campaigns have received.
A/B testing
Test out two versions of your campaign to find out which one is most effective.
Dynamic content
Increase your conversion rate by dynamically change the content of your emails to sound more personal and improve your conversion rates.
Deliverability Insight
Receive dynamic recommendations and best practices based on your real-time email program performance. Deliverability Insights’ personalized, professional-level support is included directly in your dashboard
Subscriber management-
A/B testing
Email Workflows
Dynamic content
Real-time analytics
Deliverability Insight
Ongoing Consulting
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Unlimited Possibilities
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
World Class Design
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.
Premium Support
Create awesome and great looking websites with Essentials.

Proven Performance

We’ve an well established team members with the best marketing experience to bring the latest and greatest email marketing technology to our clients.

Measurable Advertising

Your business is unique and you need an email marketing campaign that can help separate you from the competition. By focusing on the latest email marketing trends while maintaining a keen eye for conversion-based strategy, our team lays the creative groundwork for your digital presence with a cutting-edge email marketing campaign.

Transparent ROI Tracking

No need to wade through complicated spreadsheets when evaluating your campaign. All clients have access to their custom dashboard, our best-in-class client communication software that updates each details of each campaign

Go beyond your ordinary email metrics

Our team of email marketing experts can create and execute an email marketing management plan that gets the right message in front of your desired audience. Let us help you sort out what platforms, designs, copy and layout will help you grow.

How WE Create Business Growth using Email Marketing

Our dedicated R&D team constantly develops new solutions to make ROI for your email marketing campaign. we’ve engineered best-in-class email marketing strategy to track all leads and sales from our campaigns with pinpoint accuracy and extract further strategy for future implementation

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Optimize your Email Designs

Create Great Looking Email Layouts for better conversions

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your potential customers and build a relationship with them. It is also one of the most effective channels for conversion rates.

Intuitive email design
A good email design should be intuitive, easy to use and understand. It should be clear and concise so that readers can easily find what they’re looking for.
Mobile-friendly Design
Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives, which means that emails need to be optimized for mobile screens as well.
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We design and develop world-class websites and applications.

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The web is our passion, and we’re passionate about helping businesses reach their goals. So when you choose US as your digital marketing agency, you won’t get a cookie-cutter strategy — you’ll get a custom plan that fits your company, your needs, and your goals.

Aditya Nath

Email Marketing- Team Lead

Ashit Bharadwaj

CRO Expert

Abhisekh Dwivedi

Content manager, Email Marketing

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